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“The Master Cleanse”

It’s important to keep a balanced diet in order to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Every once and a while it’s good to detox to reboot your immune and digestive system.

I recently tried the “Master Cleanse” which is a world wide known detox and diet plan. Many people use this fast to quickly loose weight, Beyonce reportedly lost 20 pounds from it. I decided to try it rather to experience the cleansed feeling many rave about than loose weight. The cleanse consists of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup, and water. Studies show it is possible to live off of just those ingredients. Unfortunately I didn’t prepare myself correctly and gave in at around 2:30 to have a salad. Now that I know how to prepare myself, I would like to try it again, mostly to feel accomplished. If you’re interested in trying to detox I along with many recommend this diet if you have the self control to do it. Try the challenge yourself!

Click here for the recipe!

Click here to learn more about the cleanse and read reviews!

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Sandwich Spots of Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara has a great selection of sandwich spots. Fortunately for my friends and I, our favorite delis are all conveniently located near school so they make great lunch spots.

My top three faves:


A delicious #1 from Panino

A delicious #1 from Panino

Although expensive ($8.50+), the sandwiches from Panino are worth every penny. I order the #1 every time and never get tired of it.

Three Pickles Deli

When I’m craving a fresh, cold, turkey sandwich I eat at Three Pickles Deli. The brick building makes me feel out of state even though I’m right downtown. It’s a great place to grab a sammie, chips, Herbert’s lemonade, and people watch for lunch. Don’t forget to sample their juicy, crunchy freshly made pickles while you wait.

South Coast Deli

There is no other deli like South Coast. It’s exciting to order something new because I’ve never had a sandwich or salad I didn’t like. Don’t show up without a rumble in your stomach because you’ll leave stuffed every time.

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