Sandwich Spots of Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara has a great selection of sandwich spots. Fortunately for my friends and I, our favorite delis are all conveniently located near school so they make great lunch spots.

My top three faves:


A delicious #1 from Panino

A delicious #1 from Panino

Although expensive ($8.50+), the sandwiches from Panino are worth every penny. I order the #1 every time and never get tired of it.

Three Pickles Deli

When I’m craving a fresh, cold, turkey sandwich I eat at Three Pickles Deli. The brick building makes me feel out of state even though I’m right downtown. It’s a great place to grab a sammie, chips, Herbert’s lemonade, and people watch for lunch. Don’t forget to sample their juicy, crunchy freshly made pickles while you wait.

South Coast Deli

There is no other deli like South Coast. It’s exciting to order something new because I’ve never had a sandwich or salad I didn’t like. Don’t show up without a rumble in your stomach because you’ll leave stuffed every time.

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