Yo Gurt! ¡Parfait!

One of my favorite snacks and or breakfast is yogurt with granola and fruit, in fancy terms a “parfait”. I usually have smoothies for breakfast because its easier to drink and drive, ha. But I love this as an after school snack or weekend breakfast. It’s a quick and simple recipe, easy to change every time. Start by choosing your favorite yogurt, mines “vanana” (vanilla banana), from Trader Joe’s. Next pick your granola, I prefer Trader Joe’s hemp plus granola, filled with fiber and omega-3. It’s not too sweet, crunchy yet airy, unlike any granola I’ve had. Now choose your favorite berries and throw a handful in. I like to slice half a banana and toss in some blueberries and a few strawberries. If you’re looking for an extra sweet, drizzle some honey! Sprinkle some cinnamon for a warm kick and a natural metabolism booster.

Click here to explore different healthy parfait recipes!


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One thought on “Yo Gurt! ¡Parfait!

  1. will u make this for me today

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