Foods to Kick Your Cold!

Unfortunately the common cold got me this year, along with many others, here are some healthy foods to help kick it!

-Garlic – Garlic does not just keep vampires and witches away, it fights viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infections. It also enhances the immune system and has anti-tumor features. No wonder Ancient Egyptians considered it holy and used it as currency!

-Oranges – Loaded with Vitamin C, oranges can help boost your immune system and decrease the duration of your cold!

-Yogurt  – Believe it or not yogurt is an important food to eat while sick and after being sick. Yogurt with live cultures contain probiotics which can increase your white blood cell count, boosting your immune system.

-Chicken Noodle Soup –  Studies have shown that chicken noodle soup helps thin mucus secretions and the carbs help maintain energy levels. If you’re going with a can, make sure to check the sodium, high levels of salt can dehydrate your body!

Even if you haven’t caught the cold or flu, stay loaded with Vitamins to keep your immune system strong!

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