Starbucks for Less Bucks!

This is to all you Starbucks addicts out there who’s obsession is doing damage to your wallets. Starbucks is extremely convenient when in a hurry in the morning, or perfect for an airport pick me up, but most drinks are easy to copy in your own home for way cheaper. I’ve never been a coffee person so please no hate mail if I’m wrong about the easiness of replicating Starbucks at home. I love to get a refreshing iced tea on a hot day, but I’d rather save the $4 and get a smoothie. My favorite teas are the Tazo Green Tea, and the lemonade Passion Fruit Tazo Tea. You can purchase these teas at most grocery stores, or even Starbucks. For $3.49 you get 20 bags, for $3.49 at Starbucks you get one bag with three cups of water. My point is, Starbucks is great when in a hurry, but if you’re interested in saving money (who isn’t) and have the time, check out one of these recipes and try to make your own cup of love. Remember, everything tastes better when you make it.

Click here for recipes for the “best” caramel, mocha, and vanilla frappuccinos!

Click here for the lemonade passion fruit tea recipe!

Click here for more of Starbucks recipes!

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