Vitamin Water is not so Vital

Is Vitamin Water good for you or should you be drinking something else? Recently I’ve realized how high the sugar content is in fruit juices and sodas. Although Vitamin Water seems to be somewhat healthier than most fruit juices, I did some research on the drink. My results were not surprising, basically Vitamin Water is a better alternative than soda and most processed fruit juices, but still contains many calories and unwanted chemicals. I drink Vitamin Water on occasions, I try to stick with water but the light, refreshing taste of the drink is satisfying every once and a while. My favorite flavor is the dragon fruit, also known as power-c. Each flavor has different vitamins or supposedly helps with boosting energy or concentration. Who really knows if the delicious kiwi strawberry drink helps you focus, I think it’s more of a placebo effect. Anyways, to wrap this thing up, Vitamin Water is fine to drink once and a while, but don’t rely on the fruity, sugary drink for your vitamin intake.

Check out the pros and cons of Vitamin Water here!

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