Banana Bread Bars

I’m a fan of granola and protein bars, quick, filling, and usually pretty tasty. However, bars can be extremely high in sugar and loaded with icky ingredients we don’t want or need. I enjoy experimenting with baking but I’m usually not allowed to because it tortures all the dieters in my hose. I’m excited to try out granola bars, hopefully they will be a hit and I won’t get punished for baking another dessert. From the looks of the recipe for banana bread bars which you can find here, it looks tasty and filling and not too fattening. That’s also another problem with bars, bars are made for small, easy snacks for athletics, they are high in carbs and protein which I don’t necessarily need during 3rd period english.

Click here for a recipe for chocolate peppermint granola bars!

Click here for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich inspired bar!

Stop buying processed bars and make your own delicious ones today! Comment on your results and which recipe you used!

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