Situation Citrus

Citrus is a critical part of people’s diets. Whether its lime, grapefruit, lemon, orange, blood orange, they all contain important vitamins. Citrus is a world loved fruit, actually a preferred taste around the world. It’s surprising how delicious yet vitamin filled a small fruit can be. Citrus is mostly known for the huge amount of vitamin c, but they are filled with tons of other important nutrients. The essential vitamins are important for normal growth and development. It is important to buy organic citrus produce because citrus trees are constantly sprayed with pesticides. Lemon is amazing for your body. It helps with weightloss, boosts your immune system, clears skin, freshens breath, and many more benefits. Adding a lemon squeeze to your water gives your body all these benefits with zero calories and refreshes you. Don’t mistake lemon water for lemonade because lemonade is loaded with sugar. Stay away from sugary citrus drinks and start squeezing your own!

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