True Life: I’m in a Relationship with Pizza

I’m a huge fan of pizza. I don’t think I’ve ever not enjoyed a slice of pizza. My favorite pizza is from Via Vai in Montecito, it’s so thin and the sauce is the perfect blend of spices yet a little sweet. I think there are 3 types of pizza; sophisticated, thin margherita, thick crust with tons of cheese, and greasy fair pizza. If you are a resident of Santa Barbara, here are three places to find these three pizzas. As said before, Via Vai has incredible margherita pizza, but you can also find margherita pizza at Olio E Limone. Giovanni’s located in Montecito and Santa Barbara has a thick crusted cheesy delight, if you’re further interested check out my past post about it here. Another favorite pizza is Rusty’s greasy Hawaiian or sausage pizza; I’m a frequent buyer due to their delivery services. An important addition to every pizza ranch, frowned upon at most fancy Italian restaurants, but definitely welcome at Rusty’s and Giovannis.

Try having a pizza party at home, they’re inexpensive and super fun! Get started by clicking here!

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