Big Alex Takes a Trip to Little Alex’s

Little Alex’s will always have a special place in my heart. Honestly most of the food sucks but that doesn’t stop me from going. Maybe because I always considered it my restaurant, or maybe because I saw a dead body outside of it, or maybe because I’m bewildered by the flat screen that they only show one image of a apple fritata on. Anyways, Little A’s may have disappointing burritos, but they do make a pretty bombassdankass taco salad. I constantly crave this ranch drenched pit of deliciousness, but I am often disappointed. Calling it a salad is an embarrassment to all actual salad eaters, so I’ll just call it a mush pot because it basically turns to mush in a plastic container after two minutes. The mush starts out as tortilla chips layered with beans and rice then topped with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, avocado, and your type of meat (go with chicken). I think the beans are to blame for the sogginess. If you ever wander in there and find yourself ordering the taco salad (mush pot), I suggest ordering it with beans on the side. That way it won’t soggify too quickly (yes I know soggify isn’t a real word). Go in, try it, comment below on your opinion.

taken by me

taken by me

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