MAD for Mad Lunch

Each second Wednesday of the month is a very special Wednesday. Not is Monday and Tuesday over, it’s also late start. If you’re a part of the MAD academy, Wednesday is even cooler. The special event that occurs is the MAD lunch. Even the VADA kids try to swoop in on our delectable delights. The bell rings and it’s a stampede, few deaths have a occurred, many cases of shin splints. RIP to those weaklings who probably didn’t have a good breakfast or didn’t have any protein from skipping the last MAD lunch. If you skip the lunch you are probably a tool and shouldn’t go to school. This weeks lunch was a bitchin burrito bar followed by a suave sundae setup. If you’re not a part of the super sick society of MAD you should pay members to be your friend in hopes their coolness will rub off on you. Here’s the link to the website if you want to drool over beautiful people. Check out my photos of my friends and ice cream, which is also my friend.

Shout out to the Moms who slave for us and provide us with feasts of freakin’ fantastical food.

Lexi, Taken by me

Lexi, Taken by me

Nikole, by me
Nikole, by me

ice cream, by me
ice cream, by me



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