Grilled Cheese &Tomato Soup, A Dynamic Duo

I don’t know who created the beautiful duo of tomato soup and grilled cheese, but they are an inseparable pair. Whenever I’m sick, my mom brings in a tray with a cup of soup and grilled cheese. Last night, she knew I wouldn’t like the dinner she made it for me. My favorite place to get the dynamic duo is Nordstrom’s Cafe. For a great price of $5.50, you get a grilled cheese, cup of tomato bisque, grapes, chips, and fresh lemonade. I am not a fan of Campbell’s canned soup, I actually can’t stand the tomato soup. Weird how I hate one type of tomato soup, yet Nordstrom’s tomato soup is one of my favorite foods. If you want to get extra creative, try making your own tomato soup. Unless you’re only recipe is cereal, I’m sure you know how to make a grilled cheese. Here’s a recipe, start cooking now!

taken by me

taken by me

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