Sandwich Fixings

Last night I was craving a BLTA (bacon lettuce tomato avocado sandwich), unfortunately the only place that serves a sandwich after 4 in Montecito is Von’s. When I got to Von’s I realized I only had five dollars so I just bought turkey and decided to get creative at home. Warning: this is not a BLT. I toasted a piece of my favorite bread, Milton’s, then smeared avocado on it. I then layered fresh, thin turkey, and slathered some mayo and mustard on it. I took a bite and realized it lacked a little flavor, so I sliced a perfect little tomato and finished with a sprinkle of garlic salt. For a lower calorie sandwich, I left out the top piece of bread. Surprisingly I save around 200 calories by leaving out the piece and using less mayo and mustard. I’m a huge sandwich fan, one of my favorites being a BLT. I don’t have the patience to cook two pieces of baking for my sandwich though (I’m against microwaved bacon). If my steps were not appealing to you, hopefully this website will inspire you to make a BLT!

taken by me

taken by me

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