Out with the Old, In with the New

Soon we will be making the long awaited transfer to the new MAD building. Today, I got my first glimpse of the exciting building. I stepped in and was overwhelmed with the delicious smell of fresh paint and new furniture (that is not sarcastic). Although ecstatic for the move, I will miss this building. It is very conveniently placed, it’s in the perfect spot right next to where I park. At the new building I will have to park on Canon Perdido and then when lunch comes it will take minutes more to walk to, this is a terrible issue. Even worse, when I’m a junior I will have to walk all away across the school, but at least I’ll have a parking spot and won’t have to hit pedestrians to find one anymore. I am really excited to have a girls and boys bathroom, but will miss the paper towels from the old building. It was always a mystery who or what gender is going to be in the stall next to you. The only part of the old building I’ve gotten to use was the computer room and lounge to buy food, I can’t wait to take advantage of the new green room next year!


the old green room which i once had two minutes of fame in.
taken by me


boxes we had to move to the new building
taken by me


the old computer room
taken by me

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