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Thai Food: Your Place, My Place?

taken by me

taken by me

Last night my mom brought me some long awaited Thai food. I haven’t had Thai food in months and it’s something I strongly enjoy. I always get the sauteed chicken with peanut sauce and it’s surprisingly not that unhealthy. The chicken is skinless and a good source of protein. The peanut sauce is a bit fattening but makes the meal. It’s definitely not as enjoyable at home, the restaurant is small and dark but makes me feel out of the country. Thai food is fun to go out and eat because you can try new foods and your taste buds are in awe with all of the strange spices. The two Thai food places to eat are Your Place and My Place; very confusing when someone doesn’t know what the restaurants are and trying to plan a date. Next time you’re looking for a new restaurant and want to explore your taste buds, check out a small part of Thailand placed on Milpas St.

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Breakfast for Champs

taken by me

taken by me

My moms specialty is breakfast foods. Not so much pancakes and waffles, but she makes delicious breakfast burritos and sandwiches. I woke up a little melancholy Sunday so she whipped me up a bagel sandwich and my favorite fruits. She toasted a fresh everything bagel from Jack’s and put cheese, egg, and ham on it. Then she sliced up some strawberries, a kiwi, and mango. The bagel was delicious but I would have added some cream cheese, I’m a huge cream cheese fan. The breakfast definitely cheered me up and I really like my mom.  I encourage you to try to make your own breakfast bagel sandwich, get creative with different types of bagels or cheeses. My ideal bagel sandwich is an onion bagel with cheese, egg, avocado, tomato, bacon, and ketchup on the side. If you aren’t very good in the kitchen, don’t fret, you can buy this at Jack’s bagels.

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Friday Lunch

Friday Lunches are always fun, talking about weekend plans and eating good food really brings my spirits up. Today I went to Silvergreens with Nikki, Lexi, and Dane. We also met up with Mary, Olivia, and Veronica but they didn’t end up staying as the line was too long. Silvergreens is fast and easy but a little overpriced. The sandwiches add up to around $9 and I would way rather have Panino for that price. Silvergreens is a great place to go with friends because there are many different options on the menu. The salads and soups are super good so it’s a good idea to get a half&half. On your receipt you can see your calorie and nutrition facts which is kinda depressing but helpful if you’re watching your weight. You also get a coupon for either a side of fries, drink, gym pass, etc. Check out Silvergreens the next time you are looking for a new lunch spot!

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Starbucks – The Hazelnut Frap Sucks

On Sunday I had to work on an English project and have a hard time focusing at home so I went to Starbucks. I’m not a big coffee drinker but I wanted to try a new frappuccino. The “Hazelnut” was the first listed and had “new” next to it so I just went for it. The whip cream and caramel drizzle makes the drink look very appetizing. I was excited until I took the first sip which tasted like buttered popcorn jellybeans. Thank god I got some coffee cake to absorb the awful flavor. I went on this homework excursion with my friend Ryan and he ordered a cinnamon roll which was a good call but still didn’t beat the coffee cake. Next time you go to Starbucks, I do not recommend ordering the Hazelnut Frappuccino unless you like the booger flavored Harry Potter jellybean; however do order the coffee cake!


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New & Improved MAD Building

This week is the official move into the new MAD building; it is definitely a change. First of all, it is a move across campus which is a huge change up to how you get to second period, who you see during passing period, and where you park in the morning. The original spot of MAD was very convenient for parking and was somewhat close to my second period. Now at the bottom of Nopal and Canon Perdido, parking is difficult to find and it’s a walk which usually makes me late. Walking to second is quite the workout as well, I literally brake a sweat trekking up the hill with a hundred other sweaty adolescents. Those are my complaints about the move. Here are some positive attributes:

-The new chairs are great for my spine and my chiropractor would be very happy

-There are tons of windows to view the beautiful APS.

-The smell makes me feel like I’m in an office and I am more focused and dedicated to my work.

– A wonderful attribute is the new water refill station, I am very proud of whoever thought of that one.

-The girls AND boys bathroom, we used to have some pretty awkward encounters in the previously shared restroom

Overall, the new building is an expanded, updated, and very impressive. Thanks to everyone who helped re-create the academy!




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Sushi Sushi Sushi

On Wednesday I ate every meal with Ryan. We carpool on late starts and if we have time grab breakfast. Although it was cold we got blenders because it’s the quickest and easiest. For lunch on Wednesday we went to Habit and got burgers. Dinner was my favorite meal by far. Ryan came over after his golf practice and ordered Restaurant Connection to my house. Restaurant Connection is extremely convenient. Although we can both drive, we just wanted to sit in my room in PJs and watch TV. We used to only order burritos from Los Agaves but then we both got stomach aches and realized we liked sushi way better. My favorite roll is the eel roll and Ryan gets the rainbow roll. Ryan likes to share food which usually means he just eats mine so we ordered two eel rolls, a rainbow roll, and a side of fried rice. Because it was Restaurant Connection is ended up being $50, but it was well worth the delicious food delivered in the comfort in your own home. Next time you don’t want to leave the house but don’t feel like pizza, call Restaurant Connection!


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Chocolate Shakes and Quesadillas

A good after school snack is always a great way to lift your spirits on a stressful day. This Tuesday was especially rough because it was not even half way through the week of dreaded STAR testing. I was driving my friend Ryan home from school and we both craved a cold milkshake. Montecito Country Club has some pretty spectacular chocolate shakes so we cruised over and slid into a booth. Along with the perfect shake, we ordered a quesadilla and ate about three baskets of chips. The warm, soft quesadilla is the perfect match with the cold, thick shake. Although it may be hard to beat MCC’s chocolate shake and quesadilla, they are both simple two ingredient meals, easy to make at home. Next time you’re feeling down, try the unusual combo of chocolate shakes and quesadillas.

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Yesterday my sister and niece came over for lunch. Although my sister lives in Ventura, I never see her so it’s always fun to hang out with her and my niece. My niece is the cutest blonde 5 year old you’ll ever meet. She loves monster trucks and penguins, she’s also “kinda a cat whisperer”. She is also very bossy and all decisions are up to her when we hang out. We sat on the swing for a while until she was hungry and after eating nothing because she was no longer hungry, we went on a nature walk. On our nature walk we found many fairy taxis and frog homes. We also found some cool sticks that looked like question marks. My favorite part of the walk was finding a loquat tree. I used to have a loquat tree that I would climb for the best loquats but it was sadly cut down years ago. A grabbed a bushel and peeled one for Sia and one for myself. Sia was not impressed and thought it was sour, I didn’t mind finishing the bushel by myself. If you haven’t tried a loquat, look for a tree with little fuzzy orange balls, peel the skin off, and take a bite. Be cautious of the seed in the center!

sia with question mark taken by me

sia with question mark
taken by me

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Talent of Talenti

Well to begin, Talenti is the best selling gelato in the U.S. and if you haven’t tried it you are not taking full advantage of being American. Not only is it delicious, but with 30% less fat than regular ice cream, it’s also a healthier alternative. The clear containers attract the eye because it is so unusual to see ice cream in a market in anything other than cardboard. Out of the twenty three flavors, it’s hard to read a flavor and not drool. My favorite flavor is the Caramel Cookie Crunch, and I’m dying to try the Banana Chocolate Swirl and Mediterranean Mint. Although the number one gelato in the U.S, many people have not heard of this divine creation. I bet you’re upset and want to know where to purchase your first re usable container of joy. For all you Santa Barbara locals, pick up your first pint at your nearest Vons, Albertson’s, Gelson’s, the list goes on.

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Craving Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m a huge fan of homemade chocolate chip cookies. I’d way rather spend the time and mess making them from scratch than using pre-made dough. Chocolate chip cookies were the start to my baking career. My grandma was not the baking type of granny therefore my mom never made cookies either. I was on my own to create a recipe to pass on to my grandkids. In 4th grade I read the back of the Nestle’s chocolate chip bag and saw the recipe for cookies. I made the batter and fell in love, nearly died of salmonella poisoning from so much raw cookie dough. For some reason, everytime I make them they come out differently, last night I discovered the trick. I used organic raw sugar and organic brown sugar. I also used one stick of unsalted butter and one stick of salted. It’s easy to make the mistake of using two sticks of salted and the cookies taste too salty, but I like dark chocolate with salt so I add just one stick for a little extra tang. Next time you are searching for a chocolate chip cookie recipe, check out the back of the chocolate chip bag. Comment with your results!

taken by me

taken by me

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