Spring Break Shenanigans

Spring break 2013 was everything I dreamed of and more. The break began with an 8:30 wake up call and at the beach by 9. I praise the gods for creating such wonderful weather; however, the sun was not so kind to my fragile epidermis. I guess I just have worn more sunscreen during the nine hours spent at the beach a day. I am now a peeling swamp creature but I’m fine with it, I knew my tan couldn’t stay forever. I spent most of my days with Mary, Veronica, Nikki, and Olivia. Our beach days were filled with a multitude of snacks and sandwiches. Unfortunately, as the week progressed, the weather began to cool down. This factor led to a great idea of a day trip to red rock. We took a Costco run, packed up my car with towels and were on our way. The water was low and it was a bit overcast, but it was still a great day. We met a few friends up there and the ten of us had a great time rock climbing and adventuring. On our way home, we took a mandatory stop at In n’ Out. Most of our nights consisted of sleeping and movies, not much socializing but we were very content with the company of just each other. Overall, spring break was really just a tease for summer and now I’m even more excited to get melanoma and spend all my money on sandwiches.


the easter bunny delivered this and rocked my world


beautiful dinner made by veronica and i


my friendz


spring break outfit


me and a sandwich

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