Giannfrancos Trattoria

Last night my mom came home with another wonderful meal for me. This week has had some pretty good quality meals. She had told me she was going out to dinner and so I just laid in my bed melting because there was no food in my house besides coconut macaroons and lactose-free milk. She called me from Giannfrancos Trattoria, an Italian restaurant in Carpinteria I had never heard of. She told me to check the online menu and I was in a pickle about what to order. I couldn’t choose between The Franco and the Insalata Italiana. The salad is butterleaf lettuce topped with fresh Roma tomatoes, mozzarella, avocado, and crispy pancetta finished with olive oil and fresh lemon juice. I ended ordering The Franco pasta dish, “Dads favorite homemade top sirloin Bolognese ragù complemented with rigatoni pasta.” I don’t regret it, but considering spring break is today and I haven’t been wasting I’ve been waisting, I know I should have ordered the salad. Next time I eat there, I will definitely order the salad, reading it makes my mouth water. Check out the menu here and make reservations for you and that special someone!

taken by me

taken by me

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