Breakfast Burritos for Dinner

Last night was Thursday night and my mom went to go party in IV so I was left home alone to starve. At around 8:30 I gave in to my cooking strike and trekked out to the kitchen. Scanning the fridge for food, the wide variety of vegetables were useless and the 7 types of mustard just made me mad. Suddenly, a bag of flour tortillas caught my eye, I was now on a mad search for cheese. I was in luck, some Mexican blended cheese was just what I needed. When I look at my one tortilla and cheese I was sad they would be so lonely so I decided to get creative. I whipped up some eggs and scrambled them, I laid them on the warm tortilla and sliced avocado into it. My favorite seasoning is garlic salt and add it whenever there is avocado on something. I sprinkled some on and dipped it in ketchup. My breakfast burrito wash short lived but will always remain in my heart. Breakfast burritos are quick, easy, and a good source of protein! If you want to get extra creative, try adding some bacon and tomato!


my precious bb, photo credit: me

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