National Acai Day

This Saturday I took a weekend getaway to Veronica’s ranch in Jalama. On our way there we stopped for some breakfast. Nikki Vyn adores meat and couldn’t stop herself from getting some orange chicken from Panda Express. I knew it was the beginning of the best day ever when backyard bowls were 50% OFF! National Acai Day was a day filled with joy, acai and meat. Our trip to Jalama was probably my favorite day of the year because I got to pet horses’ noses and hug their really cute necks. There’s a special place in my heart for horses. Unfortunately, my grandma was bucked in the face as a child and forbid my mom to let me lease a horse so my riding career sadly ended at age 9. Our first trip to our magic hill was very tragic, as the horses ran away when we came close. This ways probably because Nikki was running after them calling them “trucks”, I don’t know why you would call a horse a truck because they’re obviously not trucks. Hours later they realized they belong in my arms and swarmed my car, I got to hug them and race them and kiss them. It was a great day. If you don’t like horses you should unfollow me and should go touch their noses and feed them apples.


nikki vyn eating meat


horses surrounding my car


me running with my friend

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