If ya ain’t Dutch, ya ain’t much

On our way back from Jalama, from Nikki’s orders, we had to stop in Solvang so she could get her aebleskivers. I don’t know why Solvang exists, it is a Danish village filled with Japanese tourists. If you want to tour a Danish village, go to Europe, not wine country in California. We rolled into Solvang with greasy hair and dusty clothes; I did a terrible parallel park job, and we ran to the bakeries. Nikki couldn’t describe what an aebleskiver was besides that they were the best things in the world. When we got to the stand we saw that they are pancake balls with raspberry jam and powdered sugar. I wasn’t in the mood for pancakes so Olivia, Veronica, and I strolled over to another bakery. I got a custard filled danish, so delicious. So soft, so sweet, so crunchy in the right places. I will definitely be taking another stroll through Solvang for a pastry. If you haven’t been to Solvang, take a pit stop on your way to or from somewhere and grab some food. It is probably your only food option for miles anyway.

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