Rusty’s Pizza is the Pizza for You&Me

Rusty’s Pizza, a local pizza parlor, is another restaurant that beholds a special place in my heart and childhood memories. I’ve been eating this delicious greasiness for as long as I can remember. Rusty’s is the pizza I ate at every birthday party, school party, slumber party, every kind of party. I’ve also had the phone number memorized since I learned my own home number (805) 564-1111. For under $30 (including tip if you’re a good samaritan), you can get a large pizza with toppings and a six pack of cokes (I also add sides of ranch). This may seem expensive for greasy pizza, but it’s delivered in 30 minutes in the comfort of your own home. You don’t even have to get dressed to drive and pick it up, just be somewhat presentable to the pizza man. Whether you’re throwing a superbowl party or just depressed and binge eating, pick up the phone and dial up Rusty’s, they won’t let you down.

Here’s a clip from Spongebob that excites me for pizza:


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