Craving Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m a huge fan of homemade chocolate chip cookies. I’d way rather spend the time and mess making them from scratch than using pre-made dough. Chocolate chip cookies were the start to my baking career. My grandma was not the baking type of granny therefore my mom never made cookies either. I was on my own to create a recipe to pass on to my grandkids. In 4th grade I read the back of the Nestle’s chocolate chip bag and saw the recipe for cookies. I made the batter and fell in love, nearly died of salmonella poisoning from so much raw cookie dough. For some reason, everytime I make them they come out differently, last night I discovered the trick. I used organic raw sugar and organic brown sugar. I also used one stick of unsalted butter and one stick of salted. It’s easy to make the mistake of using two sticks of salted and the cookies taste too salty, but I like dark chocolate with salt so I add just one stick for a little extra tang. Next time you are searching for a chocolate chip cookie recipe, check out the back of the chocolate chip bag. Comment with your results!

taken by me

taken by me

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