Yesterday my sister and niece came over for lunch. Although my sister lives in Ventura, I never see her so it’s always fun to hang out with her and my niece. My niece is the cutest blonde 5 year old you’ll ever meet. She loves monster trucks and penguins, she’s also “kinda a cat whisperer”. She is also very bossy and all decisions are up to her when we hang out. We sat on the swing for a while until she was hungry and after eating nothing because she was no longer hungry, we went on a nature walk. On our nature walk we found many fairy taxis and frog homes. We also found some cool sticks that looked like question marks. My favorite part of the walk was finding a loquat tree. I used to have a loquat tree that I would climb for the best loquats but it was sadly cut down years ago. A grabbed a bushel and peeled one for Sia and one for myself. Sia was not impressed and thought it was sour, I didn’t mind finishing the bushel by myself. If you haven’t tried a loquat, look for a tree with little fuzzy orange balls, peel the skin off, and take a bite. Be cautious of the seed in the center!

sia with question mark taken by me

sia with question mark
taken by me

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