Sushi Sushi Sushi

On Wednesday I ate every meal with Ryan. We carpool on late starts and if we have time grab breakfast. Although it was cold we got blenders because it’s the quickest and easiest. For lunch on Wednesday we went to Habit and got burgers. Dinner was my favorite meal by far. Ryan came over after his golf practice and ordered Restaurant Connection to my house. Restaurant Connection is extremely convenient. Although we can both drive, we just wanted to sit in my room in PJs and watch TV. We used to only order burritos from Los Agaves but then we both got stomach aches and realized we liked sushi way better. My favorite roll is the eel roll and Ryan gets the rainbow roll. Ryan likes to share food which usually means he just eats mine so we ordered two eel rolls, a rainbow roll, and a side of fried rice. Because it was Restaurant Connection is ended up being $50, but it was well worth the delicious food delivered in the comfort in your own home. Next time you don’t want to leave the house but don’t feel like pizza, call Restaurant Connection!


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