Thai Food: Your Place, My Place?

taken by me

taken by me

Last night my mom brought me some long awaited Thai food. I haven’t had Thai food in months and it’s something I strongly enjoy. I always get the sauteed chicken with peanut sauce and it’s surprisingly not that unhealthy. The chicken is skinless and a good source of protein. The peanut sauce is a bit fattening but makes the meal. It’s definitely not as enjoyable at home, the restaurant is small and dark but makes me feel out of the country. Thai food is fun to go out and eat because you can try new foods and your taste buds are in awe with all of the strange spices. The two Thai food places to eat are Your Place and My Place; very confusing when someone doesn’t know what the restaurants are and trying to plan a date. Next time you’re looking for a new restaurant and want to explore your taste buds, check out a small part of Thailand placed on Milpas St.

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