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Airbag Deployed

You probably clicked this post out of curiosity to find out whether my title is about a new album release or a car accident. Unfortunately, it is about a car crash. On my way home from school yesterday, I experienced my first car accident. With Mary in the lane beside me, I got a pretty detailed explanation of what occurred so rapidly. I had just accelerated from a red light when all of a sudden I had to slam on my brakes. My brakes failed me and I ran right into the van in front of me, causing the airbag to deploy and scare me half to death. What happened was a driver on the side of the road was getting out of his car with oncoming traffic causing two cars in front of me to slam on their brakes to avoid his door. I had just accelerated at a green light so was not ready to come to such a quick stop. Although the driver who opened their car door caused the collision, I am at fault for rear ending the car ahead of me. No one was injured but I have a pretty cool Ford decal in my left arm. The crash really opened my eyes as to how fast things happen and how dangerous driving is. Comment if you have a car accident story to tell!


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Finally… Some Music to Lighten Your “Moud”

When asked to choose a topic for blogs, the two things that came to mind were music and food. I attempted to combine the two but got too lazy and just ended up making a cooking blog. The past couple of weeks I’ve been perfecting playlists for summer activities. These songs are vital for summer mornings, beach afternoons, driving, dancing, watching the sun rise, and a few that are appropriate for sleep. One artist that comes up abundantly is Disclosure. Most songs are appropriate for all summer activities, maybe not sleeping though. Disclosure has really perfected a sound of pure feel-good music that everyone . I tend to catch myself tapping my foot on the accelerator; when your foot can’t stop tapping you know you’re listening to something good. Disclosure is a British electronic band consisting of two brothers. This duo have a talent that should be shared with everyone. A very popular song by them is “Latch” which I enjoy but I feel is a bit overplayed now. I’m currently listening to “White Noise” and “When a Fire Starts to Burn” these are constantly played in my car as my passengers know and appreciate. Check out Disclosure to add some happiness and rhythm to your summer playlist!

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Ryan luvs sushi

Last summer I went to Hawaii with my boyfriend Ryan. It was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on and I wish we could have spent the entire summer there. During the trip, every meal was my favorite meal. Every morning Ryan would come wake me up and I would quickly get changed and we would race to the buffet. We would create our own omelets and yogurt parfaits and shove donut holes down our throats. Ryan would try to order sushi but they weren’t serving it until lunch. I’ve never seen someone eat more sushi than Ryan. The sushi in Hawaii was so fresh and delicious. I’m not a huge raw fish fan but Ryan has gotten me to begin to enjoy it. This picture is of Ryan proudly holding his sushi. Don’t ever put soy sauce on his sushi or he will freak out and put wasabi in your eyes. Comment if you have ever had wasabi in your eyes, I bet it was painful and difficult to see for years.

taken by me

taken by me

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Hot Doggity Dog

I love hotdogs!!! Although they are probably one of the most disgusting foods and extremely unhealthy, they reside in a special corner of my heart. I especially love Costco dogs, if you are interested in taking me on a date, take me to the Costco food stand because it’s bomb as heck. A magnificent day was when I got the opportunity to go to a football game with Mary. We spent over twenty bucks on hot dogs. A key factor of hotdogs are the condiments. I love ketchup and am extremely satisfied with just ketchup on my hot-dog. However, I will not complain if there is some mustard incorporated into the cute little bun. Hot dog buns are very crucial, a stale bun can really ruin the whole package. There’s nothing like a good hot dog with the perfect amount of ketchup and a sweet, fresh bun. Please God, shower me with hotdogs and never show me the video on how they are made again. I would pay fair amounts of money to never have learned the horrors of what such little beauties come from. Comment if you like hotdawgs!!!!


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Nutella & Strawberries

The perfect snack: Nutella and strawberries. It works for breakfast, snack, or dessert! There are many uses for Nutella, but my favorite is to dip strawberries in it. I’ve made Nutella cookies before and they came out ok but did not meet my high expectations. If you’re on a diet and your sweet tooth is about to be the death of you, don’t be scared to smear a little of this wonderful hazelnut spread on some strawberries. Though the spread contains saturated fat and sugar, it also supplies a good amount of key vitamins and minerals that you need for good health. The hazelnuts in Nutella also boost the health of your heart, making it a fairly nutritious food to not feel too guilty about. Don’t get too carried away and inhale spoonfulls, but a few tablespoons is surprisingly good for you. Isn’t there some saying like chocolate mends the heart? If you know that saying, comment below.


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Mini Apple Pies

My Grandpa’s funeral was on Sunday and it was a very nice Sunday. There were many tears, but mostly from laughter. My grandpa was a pretty funny guy and surrounded himself with pretty funny people. The memorial afterward was filled with delicious foods. One of my favorite desserts was the mini apple pies. Not only were they the cutest things I’ve ever seen, but the best apple pie I’ve ever tasted. I always think of Thanksgiving when I think of apple pie, but now I will remember the time I ate mini pies with Bonnie Hunt as she told me how I should pursue acting. The miniature pies looked difficult to make but if you’re ever looking for a challenge, go get creative. Comment below if you’ve ever had mini apple pies and if you’ve ever made them please share your recipe! If you don’t like pie, comment your thoughts on Jumanji or Cheaper By the Dozen, two movies I love that Bonnie Hunt played large roles in.


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Jelly Beans

Jelly beans suck. Ronald Reagan loved jelly beans but I do not. I once went to the Ronald Reagan museum and had a mediocre time.  I was very car sick as always, yet don’t worry I did not vomit. Looking at the jelly bean painting of Ronald made me even more nauseous, yet don’t worry again I did not vomit this time either. I then went on to take  a tour of his plane, the fake cake was appetizing but very disappointing as it was plastic. I bet Ronald made Lucie Simmons make the important life choices she makes today. He influences her in her weekend activities. Before she picks up that red solo cup she thinks to herself, “would Ronald be proud?” So instead of intoxicating her body, she reaches into her back pocket and nibbles on a jelly bean. Boys say she smells of the Harry Potter jelly bean “booger”. I think she smells of Irish Spring soap and Lemon Pledge. Do YOU like Jelly Beans? Comment below on your thoughts on Ronald Reagan.

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Coughdrop Criticism

For some stupid reason I got struck with the flu and have been in bed for the past two days. These days have been filled with Netflix, vitamins, sleep, and cough drops. When my dad was going through chemo, we would sit in bed together and eat bags of cough drops and watch Turner Classic Movies. Although you can’t overdose on cough drops, eating them as candy on a regular basis definitely isn’t good for you. My two favorite cough drops were Luden’s Cherry Cough Drops and Natural Herb Ricola. My dad also happened to be diabetic so he had sugar-free ricolas. 10 points for Ricola for looking out for your diabetics! After my years of extreme cough drop studies and observations, I was introduced to a new cough drop, Halls Breezers. I sent Ryan on a cough drop run and I was a bit upset when I didn’t see Luden’s in his hand when he returned to the register. He told me to have faith and as popped that little treasure into my mouth, it was love at first suck. Next time you’re sick, pick up some Halls Breezers “Cool Berry” you’ll never return to another brand… If you don’t like them, comment and then unfollow me.

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Look Before You Touch

I’ve always been a little bit of a germaphobe. Don’t get me wrong, I love dirt and animals, but people don’t realize how unsanitary the world is. To the people that don’t wash your hands after going to the bathroom, I hope it’s ok with you that the chef preparing your food doesn’t either.  If you are part of the minority that wash their hands after using the restroom, you should take the next step into washing hands before eating. Consider the money you just touched while paying for the handheld burrito you’re eating. That dollar is what, seven years old? Imagine the number of hands the money you’ve touched  must have passed through before reaching yours. You may have showered this morning, but the homeless man who used the same dollar to buy booze the other day probably did not. The money you handle carries a ton of bacteria and is often dirtier than a public toilet seat. Point is, wash your hands, preferably with soap.

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Things Teachers Should Add to School Supply Lists

Every year I go to office max and although I know exactly what I need, I still find my grade and pick up a list. I guess those sheets are vital for people who don’t care about school supplies but I’m pretty sure everyone loves skipping and singing through the aisles of office max looking for new pens and binders. That is not sarcastic, at all. This year I was picking out a pencil case and a girl about 7 with red hair looked at me like I was some type of weirdo for grabbing the same sparkly one as her. School supply shopping will never leave my heart and don’t any of you forget the joys of it. Anyways, back to my title that hooked you few people reading this into clicking it.

Additions to the list:

1. Chapstick.. I can not stress how many chopsticks I have in my bag, one because I need loaner ones when the unprepared colleagues ask to borrow them and two because once they reach the abyss of my bag I don’t really want to put it on my mouth again.

2. Deodorant.. Be honest, how many times a week are you in a rush and forget to apply deodorant? By lunchtime you are calling your mom pretending to be sick because everyone knows you have B.O. Simple resolution, pack a mini deodorant.

3. Gum… Although some schools are against it, hey you’re a kid it’s your time to shine in the phase of rebellion

4. Floss… That super annoying piece of pork in your molars from last night’s ribs, yep those few inches of floss will save your gums and embarrassment.

This basically turned into a toiletry list but there you have it!

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