Cookie Butter & Nutella Cookies

taken by me

taken by me

Last night, my mom and I were in a baking mood. My favorite place to find recipes is Pinterest. While in the cupboard on a hunt for Nutella, my mom stumbled upon Cookie Butter. I found a recipe for Cookie Butter cookies but did not have enough for the recipe. The recipe called for a cup of Cookie Butter and we only had 3/4, so we filled the remaining 1/4 with Nutella. The recipe did not call for butter or flour so they are supposed to be thin and crispy but chewy in the center. Once the batter was made, it had to sit in the fridge to harden for at least four hours, so we left it overnight. Tonight, we bake. I’m excited for the long awaited results and will post the review tomorrow! Stay tuned to find the recipe I used, I want to make sure it’s perfected before giving it out!

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One thought on “Cookie Butter & Nutella Cookies

  1. ah bring me one when they are done

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