Hot Spots

Here in Santa Barbara there are many good spots to hit for a quick lunch, and because our school allows for off campus lunch it is easy to drop a good 30$ a week on lunch. Some of my favorite places to go around town would definitely have to be Panino,De Vine, and the classic Trader Joe’s. Most people would say that Trader Joe’s is not a good place for a quick lunch, but I would say walking out of there with a bag of cheese puffs and a four pack of juice squeeze for under 10$ is the way to go. But, indulging in a Julius at De Vine is one of my favorite lunches. Although this amazing toasted sandwich is not on the menu, practically everyone at Santa Barbara High School knows about it. It consists of toasted sourdough bread, roasted turkey, avocado, mustard, lettuce, cheese, and the most important piece to this sandwich is the Cranberry Sauce. I know what you all are thinking, cranberry sauce on a sandwich, but how could anything with cranberry sauce NOT be good. Aside from sandwiches they have salads, smoothies, and other delicious choices. Check these restaurants out next time you are in need for a lunch!

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