Things Teachers Should Add to School Supply Lists

Every year I go to office max and although I know exactly what I need, I still find my grade and pick up a list. I guess those sheets are vital for people who don’t care about school supplies but I’m pretty sure everyone loves skipping and singing through the aisles of office max looking for new pens and binders. That is not sarcastic, at all. This year I was picking out a pencil case and a girl about 7 with red hair looked at me like I was some type of weirdo for grabbing the same sparkly one as her. School supply shopping will never leave my heart and don’t any of you forget the joys of it. Anyways, back to my title that hooked you few people reading this into clicking it.

Additions to the list:

1. Chapstick.. I can not stress how many chopsticks I have in my bag, one because I need loaner ones when the unprepared colleagues ask to borrow them and two because once they reach the abyss of my bag I don’t really want to put it on my mouth again.

2. Deodorant.. Be honest, how many times a week are you in a rush and forget to apply deodorant? By lunchtime you are calling your mom pretending to be sick because everyone knows you have B.O. Simple resolution, pack a mini deodorant.

3. Gum… Although some schools are against it, hey you’re a kid it’s your time to shine in the phase of rebellion

4. Floss… That super annoying piece of pork in your molars from last night’s ribs, yep those few inches of floss will save your gums and embarrassment.

This basically turned into a toiletry list but there you have it!

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