Coughdrop Criticism

For some stupid reason I got struck with the flu and have been in bed for the past two days. These days have been filled with Netflix, vitamins, sleep, and cough drops. When my dad was going through chemo, we would sit in bed together and eat bags of cough drops and watch Turner Classic Movies. Although you can’t overdose on cough drops, eating them as candy on a regular basis definitely isn’t good for you. My two favorite cough drops were Luden’s Cherry Cough Drops and Natural Herb Ricola. My dad also happened to be diabetic so he had sugar-free ricolas. 10 points for Ricola for looking out for your diabetics! After my years of extreme cough drop studies and observations, I was introduced to a new cough drop, Halls Breezers. I sent Ryan on a cough drop run and I was a bit upset when I didn’t see Luden’s in his hand when he returned to the register. He told me to have faith and as popped that little treasure into my mouth, it was love at first suck. Next time you’re sick, pick up some Halls Breezers “Cool Berry” you’ll never return to another brand… If you don’t like them, comment and then unfollow me.

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