Jelly Beans

Jelly beans suck. Ronald Reagan loved jelly beans but I do not. I once went to the Ronald Reagan museum and had a mediocre time.  I was very car sick as always, yet don’t worry I did not vomit. Looking at the jelly bean painting of Ronald made me even more nauseous, yet don’t worry again I did not vomit this time either. I then went on to take  a tour of his plane, the fake cake was appetizing but very disappointing as it was plastic. I bet Ronald made Lucie Simmons make the important life choices she makes today. He influences her in her weekend activities. Before she picks up that red solo cup she thinks to herself, “would Ronald be proud?” So instead of intoxicating her body, she reaches into her back pocket and nibbles on a jelly bean. Boys say she smells of the Harry Potter jelly bean “booger”. I think she smells of Irish Spring soap and Lemon Pledge. Do YOU like Jelly Beans? Comment below on your thoughts on Ronald Reagan.

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