Nutella & Strawberries

The perfect snack: Nutella and strawberries. It works for breakfast, snack, or dessert! There are many uses for Nutella, but my favorite is to dip strawberries in it. I’ve made Nutella cookies before and they came out ok but did not meet my high expectations. If you’re on a diet and your sweet tooth is about to be the death of you, don’t be scared to smear a little of this wonderful hazelnut spread on some strawberries. Though the spread contains saturated fat and sugar, it also supplies a good amount of key vitamins and minerals that you need for good health. The hazelnuts in Nutella also boost the health of your heart, making it a fairly nutritious food to not feel too guilty about. Don’t get too carried away and inhale spoonfulls, but a few tablespoons is surprisingly good for you. Isn’t there some saying like chocolate mends the heart? If you know that saying, comment below.


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