Hot Doggity Dog

I love hotdogs!!! Although they are probably one of the most disgusting foods and extremely unhealthy, they reside in a special corner of my heart. I especially love Costco dogs, if you are interested in taking me on a date, take me to the Costco food stand because it’s bomb as heck. A magnificent day was when I got the opportunity to go to a football game with Mary. We spent over twenty bucks on hot dogs. A key factor of hotdogs are the condiments. I love ketchup and am extremely satisfied with just ketchup on my hot-dog. However, I will not complain if there is some mustard incorporated into the cute little bun. Hot dog buns are very crucial, a stale bun can really ruin the whole package. There’s nothing like a good hot dog with the perfect amount of ketchup and a sweet, fresh bun. Please God, shower me with hotdogs and never show me the video on how they are made again. I would pay fair amounts of money to never have learned the horrors of what such little beauties come from. Comment if you like hotdawgs!!!!


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