Ryan luvs sushi

Last summer I went to Hawaii with my boyfriend Ryan. It was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on and I wish we could have spent the entire summer there. During the trip, every meal was my favorite meal. Every morning Ryan would come wake me up and I would quickly get changed and we would race to the buffet. We would create our own omelets and yogurt parfaits and shove donut holes down our throats. Ryan would try to order sushi but they weren’t serving it until lunch. I’ve never seen someone eat more sushi than Ryan. The sushi in Hawaii was so fresh and delicious. I’m not a huge raw fish fan but Ryan has gotten me to begin to enjoy it. This picture is of Ryan proudly holding his sushi. Don’t ever put soy sauce on his sushi or he will freak out and put wasabi in your eyes. Comment if you have ever had wasabi in your eyes, I bet it was painful and difficult to see for years.

taken by me

taken by me

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