Finally… Some Music to Lighten Your “Moud”

When asked to choose a topic for blogs, the two things that came to mind were music and food. I attempted to combine the two but got too lazy and just ended up making a cooking blog. The past couple of weeks I’ve been perfecting playlists for summer activities. These songs are vital for summer mornings, beach afternoons, driving, dancing, watching the sun rise, and a few that are appropriate for sleep. One artist that comes up abundantly is Disclosure. Most songs are appropriate for all summer activities, maybe not sleeping though. Disclosure has really perfected a sound of pure feel-good music that everyone . I tend to catch myself tapping my foot on the accelerator; when your foot can’t stop tapping you know you’re listening to something good. Disclosure is a British electronic band consisting of two brothers. This duo have a talent that should be shared with everyone. A very popular song by them is “Latch” which I enjoy but I feel is a bit overplayed now. I’m currently listening to “White Noise” and “When a Fire Starts to Burn” these are constantly played in my car as my passengers know and appreciate. Check out Disclosure to add some happiness and rhythm to your summer playlist!

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