Inspiration Photography 9/17/13

Alexandra Winters-Varner
Photography: Inspiration Project

For this project I chose a black and white portrait of Desmond. I shot it in the MAD room with natural lighting coming from the opposite side. Because I had never shot in such conditions, it took me a while to figure out the correct combination of ISO and F/stop, but I’m very happy with the results of the image.

I’ve always loved black and white photography, especially portraits. Sometimes there is enough going on in a picture that color is not necessary; the black and white aspect almost gives more emotion to the image. As for my photographer inspiration, I chose Nicolas Guerin, a European photographer of multiple styles. He has an amazing talent and although he does not particularly specialize in black and white portraits, he has a wonderful portfolio full of them; check it out here: <a href="http://muod.files.wordpressDes .com/2013/09/screen-shot-2013-09-17-at-8-02-54-pm.png”>By: Nicolas Guerin


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