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Smoothie 5200

My grandpa passed away a couple weeks ago and I inherited his Vitamix 5200. This is a top of the line blender than can blend and make anything. My mom and I are super stoked about it and use it every day. My mom and I are huge smoothie fans and are on our 4th Magic Bullet and 3rd blender. With a 7 year warranty, we are ready to blend diamonds in this baby. This morning my mom made me a healthy smoothing containing of acai, coconut water, spinach, banana, almonds, and ice. The acai covers the spinach taste and is a great source of energy and vitamins. Coconut water is a perfect base to smoothies because you don’t get all the sugar from fruit juice and it’s filled with electrolytes and very hydrating. If you are a big smoothie drinker the Vitamix is a perfect investment for you. I’ll probably be a Vitamix salesman when I grow up, that’s how much of a fan I am.

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Vitamin Water is not so Vital

Is Vitamin Water good for you or should you be drinking something else? Recently I’ve realized how high the sugar content is in fruit juices and sodas. Although Vitamin Water seems to be somewhat healthier than most fruit juices, I did some research on the drink. My results were not surprising, basically Vitamin Water is a better alternative than soda and most processed fruit juices, but still contains many calories and unwanted chemicals. I drink Vitamin Water on occasions, I try to stick with water but the light, refreshing taste of the drink is satisfying every once and a while. My favorite flavor is the dragon fruit, also known as power-c. Each flavor has different vitamins or supposedly helps with boosting energy or concentration. Who really knows if the delicious kiwi strawberry drink helps you focus, I think it’s more of a placebo effect. Anyways, to wrap this thing up, Vitamin Water is fine to drink once and a while, but don’t rely on the fruity, sugary drink for your vitamin intake.

Check out the pros and cons of Vitamin Water here!

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Starbucks for Less Bucks!

This is to all you Starbucks addicts out there who’s obsession is doing damage to your wallets. Starbucks is extremely convenient when in a hurry in the morning, or perfect for an airport pick me up, but most drinks are easy to copy in your own home for way cheaper. I’ve never been a coffee person so please no hate mail if I’m wrong about the easiness of replicating Starbucks at home. I love to get a refreshing iced tea on a hot day, but I’d rather save the $4 and get a smoothie. My favorite teas are the Tazo Green Tea, and the lemonade Passion Fruit Tazo Tea. You can purchase these teas at most grocery stores, or even Starbucks. For $3.49 you get 20 bags, for $3.49 at Starbucks you get one bag with three cups of water. My point is, Starbucks is great when in a hurry, but if you’re interested in saving money (who isn’t) and have the time, check out one of these recipes and try to make your own cup of love. Remember, everything tastes better when you make it.

Click here for recipes for the “best” caramel, mocha, and vanilla frappuccinos!

Click here for the lemonade passion fruit tea recipe!

Click here for more of Starbucks recipes!

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“The Master Cleanse”

It’s important to keep a balanced diet in order to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Every once and a while it’s good to detox to reboot your immune and digestive system.

I recently tried the “Master Cleanse” which is a world wide known detox and diet plan. Many people use this fast to quickly loose weight, Beyonce reportedly lost 20 pounds from it. I decided to try it rather to experience the cleansed feeling many rave about than loose weight. The cleanse consists of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup, and water. Studies show it is possible to live off of just those ingredients. Unfortunately I didn’t prepare myself correctly and gave in at around 2:30 to have a salad. Now that I know how to prepare myself, I would like to try it again, mostly to feel accomplished. If you’re interested in trying to detox I along with many recommend this diet if you have the self control to do it. Try the challenge yourself!

Click here for the recipe!

Click here to learn more about the cleanse and read reviews!

Yellow lemon

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