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Coughdrop Criticism

For some stupid reason I got struck with the flu and have been in bed for the past two days. These days have been filled with Netflix, vitamins, sleep, and cough drops. When my dad was going through chemo, we would sit in bed together and eat bags of cough drops and watch Turner Classic Movies. Although you can’t overdose on cough drops, eating them as candy on a regular basis definitely isn’t good for you. My two favorite cough drops were Luden’s Cherry Cough Drops and Natural Herb Ricola. My dad also happened to be diabetic so he had sugar-free ricolas. 10 points for Ricola for looking out for your diabetics! After my years of extreme cough drop studies and observations, I was introduced to a new cough drop, Halls Breezers. I sent Ryan on a cough drop run and I was a bit upset when I didn’t see Luden’s in his hand when he returned to the register. He told me to have faith and as popped that little treasure into my mouth, it was love at first suck. Next time you’re sick, pick up some Halls Breezers “Cool Berry” you’ll never return to another brand… If you don’t like them, comment and then unfollow me.

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Look Before You Touch

I’ve always been a little bit of a germaphobe. Don’t get me wrong, I love dirt and animals, but people don’t realize how unsanitary the world is. To the people that don’t wash your hands after going to the bathroom, I hope it’s ok with you that the chef preparing your food doesn’t either.  If you are part of the minority that wash their hands after using the restroom, you should take the next step into washing hands before eating. Consider the money you just touched while paying for the handheld burrito you’re eating. That dollar is what, seven years old? Imagine the number of hands the money you’ve touched  must have passed through before reaching yours. You may have showered this morning, but the homeless man who used the same dollar to buy booze the other day probably did not. The money you handle carries a ton of bacteria and is often dirtier than a public toilet seat. Point is, wash your hands, preferably with soap.

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Butternut Squash

butternut squash

butternut squash

I like butternut squash. I love the word squash, I love the texture, the color, and the flavor (if buttered). There are many types of squash, but I don’t remember the names of other types I’ve tried so I can’t compare. I wonder if there is a squash festival, I probably wouldn’t go but I bet the people that do attend are cute and friendly and slow paced. I wouldn’t know the health benefits of squash are without Winter squash contain high levels of vitamin A that may help protect against emphysema. There’s  also a correlation between eating foods high in the carotenoid beta-cryptoxanthin, and decreased incidence of lung cancer. I highly doubt squash is going to save a dying lung cancer patient, but hey it can’t hurt. If you’re interested on reading more health benefits on squash, click here. 

I prepared my squash in 10 minutes. My mom bought the pre cut and packaged squash and I steamed it for 10 minutes. Once squishy I put some butter and salt and had a healthy snack. Try it out if you want to prevent cancer and boost your fiber levels.

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Smoothie 5200

My grandpa passed away a couple weeks ago and I inherited his Vitamix 5200. This is a top of the line blender than can blend and make anything. My mom and I are super stoked about it and use it every day. My mom and I are huge smoothie fans and are on our 4th Magic Bullet and 3rd blender. With a 7 year warranty, we are ready to blend diamonds in this baby. This morning my mom made me a healthy smoothing containing of acai, coconut water, spinach, banana, almonds, and ice. The acai covers the spinach taste and is a great source of energy and vitamins. Coconut water is a perfect base to smoothies because you don’t get all the sugar from fruit juice and it’s filled with electrolytes and very hydrating. If you are a big smoothie drinker the Vitamix is a perfect investment for you. I’ll probably be a Vitamix salesman when I grow up, that’s how much of a fan I am.

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Breakfast Burritos for Dinner

Last night was Thursday night and my mom went to go party in IV so I was left home alone to starve. At around 8:30 I gave in to my cooking strike and trekked out to the kitchen. Scanning the fridge for food, the wide variety of vegetables were useless and the 7 types of mustard just made me mad. Suddenly, a bag of flour tortillas caught my eye, I was now on a mad search for cheese. I was in luck, some Mexican blended cheese was just what I needed. When I look at my one tortilla and cheese I was sad they would be so lonely so I decided to get creative. I whipped up some eggs and scrambled them, I laid them on the warm tortilla and sliced avocado into it. My favorite seasoning is garlic salt and add it whenever there is avocado on something. I sprinkled some on and dipped it in ketchup. My breakfast burrito wash short lived but will always remain in my heart. Breakfast burritos are quick, easy, and a good source of protein! If you want to get extra creative, try adding some bacon and tomato!


my precious bb, photo credit: me

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Situation Citrus

Citrus is a critical part of people’s diets. Whether its lime, grapefruit, lemon, orange, blood orange, they all contain important vitamins. Citrus is a world loved fruit, actually a preferred taste around the world. It’s surprising how delicious yet vitamin filled a small fruit can be. Citrus is mostly known for the huge amount of vitamin c, but they are filled with tons of other important nutrients. The essential vitamins are important for normal growth and development. It is important to buy organic citrus produce because citrus trees are constantly sprayed with pesticides. Lemon is amazing for your body. It helps with weightloss, boosts your immune system, clears skin, freshens breath, and many more benefits. Adding a lemon squeeze to your water gives your body all these benefits with zero calories and refreshes you. Don’t mistake lemon water for lemonade because lemonade is loaded with sugar. Stay away from sugary citrus drinks and start squeezing your own!

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Smoothie Extravaganza

I’ve already spilled my secret smoothie smoothie recipe (pun intended), but I’m here to share more recipes. I could drink smoothies for every meal if my mom would let me.  My mom tries to limit my smoothie intake to one a day because of my “acidity intake,” probably just an excuse to not slave for me and make me food. Smoothies are a great on the go meal to fill you up and provide you with energy and vital vitamins. I love raw veggies, but for those of you who are grossed out by greens, put them in your smoothie, you won’t even taste them!  If you drink fruity smoothies, I dare you to had a handful or two of spinach, punch me if you taste it.

Check out these recipes and start blending today!

Green Smoothie

Banana Oat Smoothie

Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Papaya Ginger Smoothie

Blueberry Smoothie

Mango Banana Smoothie

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Gaga for Gluten Free

Gluten free diets have become very common. This may be because many people are learning they are allergic to gluten, treating Celiac disease, or because people have realized it’s a healthy diet. Dieting can be extremely difficult, I’ve failed every time because I don’t have strong self control, but I think I could succeed in gluten free eating. Gluten is found in grains such as wheat, barley, rye and triticale (a cross between wheat and rye). It may sound simple, but you’d be surprised how often wheat is incorporated into food. Gluten free means no pasta, bread, cakes, sauces, cookies, the list goes on. Don’t stop reading now, they make all these things gluten free! Because so many people have taken up this diet, many people have experimented with gluten free cooking. I’ve tried many products, in fact, I prefer gluten free pretzels rather than regular ones! Like all diets, you have to take precaution in getting all your necessary vitamins and minerals. Gluten free is a healthy lifestyle that everyone should attempt, our bodies don’t need wheat. Before setting your New Year’s resolution as eating gluten free, you should test out some recipes and gradually switch over. Check out some of these recipes to start making today!

Gluten Free Cookies

Gluten Free Pretzels 

Gluten Free Waffles

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Bonkers for Breakfast

Mornings are an important part of your day, a rough morning can ruin your it, especially when you are hungry until lunch. Breakfast gives our bodies nutrition and substance. This is where our energy comes from. Think about it, breakfast is the meal after dinner. We eat dinner then sleep through the night. That’s eight or more hours with out eating. Our bodies need to be nourished in the morning. They’ve gone without for hours. If we do not eat in the morning our bodies will not be able to produce the energy we need for the day. Studies show people who eat breakfast are able to focus much better. All families should wake up ten minutes earlier to eat breakfast together, everyone is so busy it’s easy to forget to update each other on your lives. Just recently I’ve started to like average American breakfast foods such as pancakes, waffles, etc. My heart goes out to those that skip breakfast due to the distaste in food. Here are a variety of recipes which I love and want to share with you guys! If you are a frequent breakfast skipper, I hope you take this information into consideration and try some of these recipes! Enjoy!

Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake

Breakfast Quiche

Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Cookie

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Coconutty for Coconut Oil

While searching for a homemade hair mask recipe, I stumbled upon a coconut oil mask. I love everything about coconuts so I was really excited to use the coconut oil sitting in my cupboard. When I read more about the recipe I stumbled upon a link of 52 uses for coconut oil, I was astounded by all the benefits and uses! Researchers have discovered that this amazing oil helps in dealing with viruses and bacteria causing diseases such as herpes, influenza, cytomegalovirus, and even HIV. Coconut Oil is also great for skin, hair, health, cooking, and much more. There are no known side effects so why not start taking a tablespoon a day? If you can’t stand the taste plain, there are countless ways to incorporate it into recipes. Check out some here!

Check out this site for uses you would never believe.

Click here for 52 uses of coconut oil.

Click here to purchase!

Start treating your body now with a jar of coconut oil!

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