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Final MAD Showcase of 2013

Friday was the last MAD showcase of the year. The building was packed with MAD students, parents, and alumni. I walked through the hall and briefly looked at each picture taken by the seniors. The photography was really impressive and I hope to leave MAD with those skills. I made my way to the room where they were showing the juniors’ music videos. I’ve been waiting to watch the final products. Unfortunately, because there were so many videos and so little time, we only got to see snippets of each one. I’m really excited to make music videos next year. After watching them, I’ve been thinking of ideas for videos. After watching all of the snippets and admiring the photography, I headed over to Persona pizza with a group of girlfriends. Persona is a new restaurant located on State St. If you haven’t tried it, I would highly recommend it. Persona is unlike any pizza restaurant I’ve been to. You choose your own toppings and they make it in front of you. Overall, the MAD showcase was a great ending to the year and excited me for the projects ahead.



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Airbag Deployed

You probably clicked this post out of curiosity to find out whether my title is about a new album release or a car accident. Unfortunately, it is about a car crash. On my way home from school yesterday, I experienced my first car accident. With Mary in the lane beside me, I got a pretty detailed explanation of what occurred so rapidly. I had just accelerated from a red light when all of a sudden I had to slam on my brakes. My brakes failed me and I ran right into the van in front of me, causing the airbag to deploy and scare me half to death. What happened was a driver on the side of the road was getting out of his car with oncoming traffic causing two cars in front of me to slam on their brakes to avoid his door. I had just accelerated at a green light so was not ready to come to such a quick stop. Although the driver who opened their car door caused the collision, I am at fault for rear ending the car ahead of me. No one was injured but I have a pretty cool Ford decal in my left arm. The crash really opened my eyes as to how fast things happen and how dangerous driving is. Comment if you have a car accident story to tell!


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Jelly Beans

Jelly beans suck. Ronald Reagan loved jelly beans but I do not. I once went to the Ronald Reagan museum and had a mediocre time.  I was very car sick as always, yet don’t worry I did not vomit. Looking at the jelly bean painting of Ronald made me even more nauseous, yet don’t worry again I did not vomit this time either. I then went on to take  a tour of his plane, the fake cake was appetizing but very disappointing as it was plastic. I bet Ronald made Lucie Simmons make the important life choices she makes today. He influences her in her weekend activities. Before she picks up that red solo cup she thinks to herself, “would Ronald be proud?” So instead of intoxicating her body, she reaches into her back pocket and nibbles on a jelly bean. Boys say she smells of the Harry Potter jelly bean “booger”. I think she smells of Irish Spring soap and Lemon Pledge. Do YOU like Jelly Beans? Comment below on your thoughts on Ronald Reagan.

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Things Teachers Should Add to School Supply Lists

Every year I go to office max and although I know exactly what I need, I still find my grade and pick up a list. I guess those sheets are vital for people who don’t care about school supplies but I’m pretty sure everyone loves skipping and singing through the aisles of office max looking for new pens and binders. That is not sarcastic, at all. This year I was picking out a pencil case and a girl about 7 with red hair looked at me like I was some type of weirdo for grabbing the same sparkly one as her. School supply shopping will never leave my heart and don’t any of you forget the joys of it. Anyways, back to my title that hooked you few people reading this into clicking it.

Additions to the list:

1. Chapstick.. I can not stress how many chopsticks I have in my bag, one because I need loaner ones when the unprepared colleagues ask to borrow them and two because once they reach the abyss of my bag I don’t really want to put it on my mouth again.

2. Deodorant.. Be honest, how many times a week are you in a rush and forget to apply deodorant? By lunchtime you are calling your mom pretending to be sick because everyone knows you have B.O. Simple resolution, pack a mini deodorant.

3. Gum… Although some schools are against it, hey you’re a kid it’s your time to shine in the phase of rebellion

4. Floss… That super annoying piece of pork in your molars from last night’s ribs, yep those few inches of floss will save your gums and embarrassment.

This basically turned into a toiletry list but there you have it!

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My Own Catacomb

Well the catacomb isn’t really mine, it may belong to my mother and then me but Veronica is the brave soldier of decadence who created this masterpiece. When I was seven and moved into my room, I was intimidated by the Nelly posters and written on walls from my lovely teenage brother. My feelings of discontent were soon diminished by the lavender paint and fairy decorations that turned my room into a meadow of fairies and wonders. Above my closet sits an indent about six feet across and three feet wide. Up until a few weeks ago, this cubby has been used for storage. One day Veronica and Ryan were sleeping over and Veronica finally made the step of climbing into the mystery hole. I had always wanted to make it a loft but I could never carry a latter by myself and up until a couple years ago thought I was deathly allergic to dust, thanks to some holistic doctor. Anyways, Veronica leaped up with help from a helpless latter and turned a little storage box into a beautiful catacomb. The only problem is, it’s life threatening to get down. So until I get a bigger latter, it will not be put to much catacomb use. Donate to me for a new latter at



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Me Right Now

I’m currently sitting in MAD very unhappy to be at school and very uncomfortable. I’m laying in two chairs as Gabe hits his keyboard in frustration. Matthew just walked by and stared in confusion, we went river rafting together and he thinks I’m weird for some reason I can’t figure out. I don’t want to blog about food because I don’t want to think about food. It’s too early to think about baking with butter and sugar and flour. I don’t feel well and don’t want to write about my latest recipes. I bet Gabe is annoyed with my loud typing and my chair constantly hitting his delicate ribs. No he’s not a chinchilla, don’t just assume I’m only friends with animals. A great friend of mine is Des. Des and I both have shoes with red laces. David says that Des’ shoes remind him of Twister. A fun game I probably wouldn’t want to play with my family.. Comment with your thoughts about Twister or who’s shoes you like better.


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Fair Fun

taken by me

taken by me

I can’t remember a year I’ve missed at the fair, and I definitely remember the year I was tall enough for all of the rides. It was third grade, I no longer needed my cowboy boots and high pony tail to cheat the measurements. I was 54 inches of pure awesomeness and ready to hit every ride until I threw up. This year I made the mistake of going on a new ride and ended up feeling sick for the next hour. Fireball was a great time as always, so many memories and germs. Nikki is not a fan of the fair so she was excited to go walk around and cool off. We both got some corn which was the highlight of my week. When we finished our corn we headed back over to find our friends and got a caramel apple with nuts on the way. We were so satisfied with our fair food that we decided to go on more rides. We spent a few hours and a lot of money at the fair but it’s a great tradition that always makes me reminisce of my childhood. If you haven’t been the the fair, you should decide to live and go.

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Thai Food: Your Place, My Place?

taken by me

taken by me

Last night my mom brought me some long awaited Thai food. I haven’t had Thai food in months and it’s something I strongly enjoy. I always get the sauteed chicken with peanut sauce and it’s surprisingly not that unhealthy. The chicken is skinless and a good source of protein. The peanut sauce is a bit fattening but makes the meal. It’s definitely not as enjoyable at home, the restaurant is small and dark but makes me feel out of the country. Thai food is fun to go out and eat because you can try new foods and your taste buds are in awe with all of the strange spices. The two Thai food places to eat are Your Place and My Place; very confusing when someone doesn’t know what the restaurants are and trying to plan a date. Next time you’re looking for a new restaurant and want to explore your taste buds, check out a small part of Thailand placed on Milpas St.

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Friday Lunch

Friday Lunches are always fun, talking about weekend plans and eating good food really brings my spirits up. Today I went to Silvergreens with Nikki, Lexi, and Dane. We also met up with Mary, Olivia, and Veronica but they didn’t end up staying as the line was too long. Silvergreens is fast and easy but a little overpriced. The sandwiches add up to around $9 and I would way rather have Panino for that price. Silvergreens is a great place to go with friends because there are many different options on the menu. The salads and soups are super good so it’s a good idea to get a half&half. On your receipt you can see your calorie and nutrition facts which is kinda depressing but helpful if you’re watching your weight. You also get a coupon for either a side of fries, drink, gym pass, etc. Check out Silvergreens the next time you are looking for a new lunch spot!

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Starbucks – The Hazelnut Frap Sucks

On Sunday I had to work on an English project and have a hard time focusing at home so I went to Starbucks. I’m not a big coffee drinker but I wanted to try a new frappuccino. The “Hazelnut” was the first listed and had “new” next to it so I just went for it. The whip cream and caramel drizzle makes the drink look very appetizing. I was excited until I took the first sip which tasted like buttered popcorn jellybeans. Thank god I got some coffee cake to absorb the awful flavor. I went on this homework excursion with my friend Ryan and he ordered a cinnamon roll which was a good call but still didn’t beat the coffee cake. Next time you go to Starbucks, I do not recommend ordering the Hazelnut Frappuccino unless you like the booger flavored Harry Potter jellybean; however do order the coffee cake!


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