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Airbag Deployed

You probably clicked this post out of curiosity to find out whether my title is about a new album release or a car accident. Unfortunately, it is about a car crash. On my way home from school yesterday, I experienced my first car accident. With Mary in the lane beside me, I got a pretty detailed explanation of what occurred so rapidly. I had just accelerated from a red light when all of a sudden I had to slam on my brakes. My brakes failed me and I ran right into the van in front of me, causing the airbag to deploy and scare me half to death. What happened was a driver on the side of the road was getting out of his car with oncoming traffic causing two cars in front of me to slam on their brakes to avoid his door. I had just accelerated at a green light so was not ready to come to such a quick stop. Although the driver who opened their car door caused the collision, I am at fault for rear ending the car ahead of me. No one was injured but I have a pretty cool Ford decal in my left arm. The crash really opened my eyes as to how fast things happen and how dangerous driving is. Comment if you have a car accident story to tell!


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New & Improved MAD Building

This week is the official move into the new MAD building; it is definitely a change. First of all, it is a move across campus which is a huge change up to how you get to second period, who you see during passing period, and where you park in the morning. The original spot of MAD was very convenient for parking and was somewhat close to my second period. Now at the bottom of Nopal and Canon Perdido, parking is difficult to find and it’s a walk which usually makes me late. Walking to second is quite the workout as well, I literally brake a sweat trekking up the hill with a hundred other sweaty adolescents. Those are my complaints about the move. Here are some positive attributes:

-The new chairs are great for my spine and my chiropractor would be very happy

-There are tons of windows to view the beautiful APS.

-The smell makes me feel like I’m in an office and I am more focused and dedicated to my work.

– A wonderful attribute is the new water refill station, I am very proud of whoever thought of that one.

-The girls AND boys bathroom, we used to have some pretty awkward encounters in the previously shared restroom

Overall, the new building is an expanded, updated, and very impressive. Thanks to everyone who helped re-create the academy!




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