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Final MAD Showcase of 2013

Friday was the last MAD showcase of the year. The building was packed with MAD students, parents, and alumni. I walked through the hall and briefly looked at each picture taken by the seniors. The photography was really impressive and I hope to leave MAD with those skills. I made my way to the room where they were showing the juniors’ music videos. I’ve been waiting to watch the final products. Unfortunately, because there were so many videos and so little time, we only got to see snippets of each one. I’m really excited to make music videos next year. After watching them, I’ve been thinking of ideas for videos. After watching all of the snippets and admiring the photography, I headed over to Persona pizza with a group of girlfriends. Persona is a new restaurant located on State St. If you haven’t tried it, I would highly recommend it. Persona is unlike any pizza restaurant I’ve been to. You choose your own toppings and they make it in front of you. Overall, the MAD showcase was a great ending to the year and excited me for the projects ahead.



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New & Improved MAD Building

This week is the official move into the new MAD building; it is definitely a change. First of all, it is a move across campus which is a huge change up to how you get to second period, who you see during passing period, and where you park in the morning. The original spot of MAD was very convenient for parking and was somewhat close to my second period. Now at the bottom of Nopal and Canon Perdido, parking is difficult to find and it’s a walk which usually makes me late. Walking to second is quite the workout as well, I literally brake a sweat trekking up the hill with a hundred other sweaty adolescents. Those are my complaints about the move. Here are some positive attributes:

-The new chairs are great for my spine and my chiropractor would be very happy

-There are tons of windows to view the beautiful APS.

-The smell makes me feel like I’m in an office and I am more focused and dedicated to my work.

– A wonderful attribute is the new water refill station, I am very proud of whoever thought of that one.

-The girls AND boys bathroom, we used to have some pretty awkward encounters in the previously shared restroom

Overall, the new building is an expanded, updated, and very impressive. Thanks to everyone who helped re-create the academy!




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Another Wednesday, another MAD lunch. My title is taken from the movie “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World”; a movie my grandpa was in that is based on a group of people who race to a box of riches. It’s extremely similar to the MAD lunches because everyone stampedes toward the much loved food. The race towards the lunch is really survival of the fittest. RIP to the weaklings who were trampled last week. This lunch was pasta, a great choice. Shout out to the mothers who make and serve the food, making fellow women proud. My favorite pasta was the bowties with pine nuts and broccoli. Next time you make pasta, try using olive oil, pine nuts, and whatever veggies appeal to you. This is much healthier than pasta with red sauce or just butter and parmesan. Comment below if you’ve seen “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World” or if you haven’t, comment with your favorite pasta!

my grandpa in it's a mad mad mad mad world jonathanwinters.com

my grandpa in it’s a mad mad mad mad world




olivia deciding what to eat first

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Out with the Old, In with the New

Soon we will be making the long awaited transfer to the new MAD building. Today, I got my first glimpse of the exciting building. I stepped in and was overwhelmed with the delicious smell of fresh paint and new furniture (that is not sarcastic). Although ecstatic for the move, I will miss this building. It is very conveniently placed, it’s in the perfect spot right next to where I park. At the new building I will have to park on Canon Perdido and then when lunch comes it will take minutes more to walk to, this is a terrible issue. Even worse, when I’m a junior I will have to walk all away across the school, but at least I’ll have a parking spot and won’t have to hit pedestrians to find one anymore. I am really excited to have a girls and boys bathroom, but will miss the paper towels from the old building. It was always a mystery who or what gender is going to be in the stall next to you. The only part of the old building I’ve gotten to use was the computer room and lounge to buy food, I can’t wait to take advantage of the new green room next year!


the old green room which i once had two minutes of fame in.
taken by me


boxes we had to move to the new building
taken by me


the old computer room
taken by me

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MAD for Mad Lunch

Each second Wednesday of the month is a very special Wednesday. Not is Monday and Tuesday over, it’s also late start. If you’re a part of the MAD academy, Wednesday is even cooler. The special event that occurs is the MAD lunch. Even the VADA kids try to swoop in on our delectable delights. The bell rings and it’s a stampede, few deaths have a occurred, many cases of shin splints. RIP to those weaklings who probably didn’t have a good breakfast or didn’t have any protein from skipping the last MAD lunch. If you skip the lunch you are probably a tool and shouldn’t go to school. This weeks lunch was a bitchin burrito bar followed by a suave sundae setup. If you’re not a part of the super sick society of MAD you should pay members to be your friend in hopes their coolness will rub off on you. Here’s the link to the website if you want to drool over beautiful people. Check out my photos of my friends and ice cream, which is also my friend.

Shout out to the Moms who slave for us and provide us with feasts of freakin’ fantastical food.

Lexi, Taken by me

Lexi, Taken by me

Nikole, by me
Nikole, by me

ice cream, by me
ice cream, by me



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