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My Own Catacomb

Well the catacomb isn’t really mine, it may belong to my mother and then me but Veronica is the brave soldier of decadence who created this masterpiece. When I was seven and moved into my room, I was intimidated by the Nelly posters and written on walls from my lovely teenage brother. My feelings of discontent were soon diminished by the lavender paint and fairy decorations that turned my room into a meadow of fairies and wonders. Above my closet sits an indent about six feet across and three feet wide. Up until a few weeks ago, this cubby has been used for storage. One day Veronica and Ryan were sleeping over and Veronica finally made the step of climbing into the mystery hole. I had always wanted to make it a loft but I could never carry a latter by myself and up until a couple years ago thought I was deathly allergic to dust, thanks to some holistic doctor. Anyways, Veronica leaped up with help from a helpless latter and turned a little storage box into a beautiful catacomb. The only problem is, it’s life threatening to get down. So until I get a bigger latter, it will not be put to much catacomb use. Donate to me for a new latter at http://www.alexneedsalatter.com



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